Not able to get magic menu position itself above backdrop

I have not discovered a way of getting a full screen background with a menu along the top. I was able to do it on the home page but cannot remember how I did it to perform the same effect on the other pages. Anyone able to assist?

Hi there @theswedish – I suspect you’re referencing the Mega Menu stack, correct? It would be most helpful to have a ZIP file that contains your project file in-hand to look at.

the file is to big to upload

You’ll want to use a service like DropBox or the like to send me a download link via a direct message here or an email at adam at elixirgraphics dot com.

Received your project file. Thanks for that!

The problem you’re running into is that you’re using the Hero feature of the Banner stack and not pairing the Mega Menu stack with it, but instead just placing it above the Banner. When the Banner is in Hero mode it takes over the display… it is a bit pushy like that. But thankfully this is accounted for with the navigation pairing.

What you’re going to need to do is drag and drop you Mega Menu stack inside the Banner. Just place it as the first thing in the Banner stack. Now go into your Mega Menu stack and scroll to the bottom of its settings. You’ll see this feature:


Enable the “Pair with Parent Banner” feature and choose the “Top” location. This will then pair the navigation to the top part of the Banner.

Hope that helps.

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