Not sure if this is Foundry or a Cartloom issue

I’ve created a website for a restaurant to take online orders… Created in Foundry and I’ve used Cartloom - which is only currently in test mode so I haven’t purchased it yet. But, i’ve come across a small issue on my mobile. If I go onto one of the menus like the drinks menu for example, in the wine section I have a dropdown created in Cartloom of different choices of wine! when I press that on my mobile the screen goes a little bigger so I add the item to the cart - it takes me to the cart - I press keep on shopping because I want to add to my order and the screen is still just that little bit bigger than my mobile screen! (see image)
Has anybody had this before? Have I done something not quite right? It’s obviously workable with again if you pinch the screen back to its normal size! Another issue seems to be when I have added something to the cart I can’t then press any of the other choice boxes to add more to the order unless I refresh the page! Any thoughts would be great.
The site is currently on a test site as i need to get a feel for how things work before diving into a subscription based software model.

About the first: Yes, I see this as well. I think it is an iOS issue to enlarge the site if a form or entry is needed. Did you check this with an Android? Is it the same there?

I also use Cartloom for all of my sites, and I do not encounter this problem. I do however use the code snippets and not the Cartloom provided stacks, which I believe you’re using, correct?

You can visit on your mobile device and add something to your cart. Then tap on the Keep Shopping button and you should see it takes you back to the page normally. And of course the Foundry site is built using Foundry.

I havent checked on Android, I’m using iOS as are most people I have asked to take a look… Not much I can do about it then if it’s an iOS thing I guess.

I am using the product page embed… Which I thought was the snippet.
Then Im dragging where it says drag to stacks into a foundry column.

That is a page embed. I personally use the Advanced tab for all of my stuff. I doubt you want that though as you likely want the nicely formatted pre-made layout(s). You’ll want to talk to Cartloom about this. This isn’t something Foundry is doing. Honestly I suspect @Fuellemann is right about it actually being an iOS thing.

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Ok, so if I go into advanced… Copy the code! Where is best to put that code?
Is it in settings - code and then in css? then there’s another code for javascript! does that go in settings - code and then javascript?