Not yet received a reply

Could someone from Elixir please contact me. I have tried by your contact form a couple of days ago but not had a reply yet. Thanks.

Hi @Jane7 — I’ve not received any email from you as of now. I’ve looked in both the support inbox and junk mail folders and unfortunately am not seeing anything from you. Additionally the Elixir site currently does not have a contact form page so perhaps you submitted your request from a different form. How can I help you today?

Thank you. I have replied via email.

Replying to emails sent by the forum do not come to me, they’re a no reply email intended only for notifying you of forum activity. If that is not the email you replied to then please let me know what address you replied to. That said, you can reply here in the thread you’ve started and I’d be glad to assist.

I hadn’t spotted the “no reply.” I purchased Tesla Pro on Monday but I’ve now realised I’d typed instead of .com for the email address, is there anything that can be done to remedy this?

Sure, I can do that for you. I’ll just need to know what email address you used for your purchase. If you feel you’d rather not post your email address here, then click my avatar next to my name on this post and select the Message option. This will start a direct, private message with me. In that direct message provide the email address you used for the purchase and I can look up the order and sort out your typo.

Will do. Thanks very much for your patience.

If you get a chance let me know what form you used to submit an email to me. Currently there should be no active support forms on the site as support is going through the forum here. So I’d like to fix it if there is one I missed.

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