Odd Shutter behaviour but not a bug?

This is more out of interest than anything. I have had issues with Shutter not acting on the arrows or the close glyphs. It recognised that they were tapped but did nothing. Sometimes it was ok other times not. It never had problems on the desktop.

I finally tracked it down to whenever I opened the page from an icon on the ipad it failed, otherwise simply typing the URL or selecting a pre-existing bookmark it would work. The issue turned out to be that the ipad icon had, for some unknown reason, a double slash at the end of the URL. This caused the issue. I can emulate it on the desktop. It also produces some interesting side affects depending on the display mode (mosaic etc.) and under different browsers on the desktop as well.

You can try this if interested


Then try again and add two slashes at the end of the URL before reloading. I’d be interested to know if it actually does work ok so I can see if there is anything else in the mix.

As I said, only out of interest.

I don’t think I’m understanding where the extra forward slash is coming from. Can you give me step by step instructions on getting the double forward slash on the url without typing it? If so I’ll take a look next I’m in the office.

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It’s not coming from anywhere unless you add it. Don’t worry it’s not Shutter that is adding it. The original source was from the icon I saved “to the home page” for the site on my iPad pre-Shutter and probably pre-Foundry. Where it came from originally I don’t know - maybe it was a ios glitch or it got accidently typed (difficult on an iPad though). None of my other icons have it.

So everytime I opened it from the ios icon it had the issue. If I opened from a bookmark it was ok. I’ve since fixed the icon but I thought I’d mention it just in case anyone else came across it. I’d catalogue it as a bizarre corner case.

Have a good weekend!

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Gotcha. I’ll still have a look next week. Not sure if I can prevent that or not, but it is worth taking a few minutes to look at.


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