Offline blogging?

I am using Rapid Weaver for off line blogging and it is a pain because for each entry I have to duplicate the poster item and then edit it.

I am a yachtsman so the reason I chose RW was that I could edit blog entries offline and then upload them when I could find an Internet cafe or 3/4g signal. If I change to using Alloy am I right in thinking that I have to be connected to the internet to use the editor or can I store the entry as a draft until I get a signal?

At the moment I use a third party commenting stack instead of using Discus is it possible to add stacks to the post pages?

Alloy is an online editor. That is one of its main goals and selling points. It means not needing to republish your blog page from RW each time you write a post. There’s positives and negatives to both.

That said you can always write your post in a text or markdown editor and paste it into Alloy when you are connected to the internet next.

Thanks that is what I thought.

What about the second part of the question can I add other stacks to the post page like galleries?

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You can add other stacks to the post page using the Conditional tool that comes with Alloy. Please watch the tutorial for that before purchasing. I suggest using it sparingly however.

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