One Shutter Gallery wont work!

Shutter working perfectly except on one page!

Here password: Tea

I just dont know why as all good on 2 pages

Check your image formats and file names. Formats should be jpg and the filename extensions should be lowercase jpg on the original image files you upload. I can’t check that from the URL only you’ll be able to check and verify this.

Also, avoid spaces and ‘special characters’ in filenames.

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Thanks so much !I think it was spaces in the names. I was working late!

Quick question

In lightbox I cant get rid of dark strip at top on hover … can I loose that?
Also can I change color of arrows and if arrows in lightbox selected can I loosee them on mobile devices? ie: Arrows only on desktop

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Awesome! Looks like @jacksona cracked the case on this one. Thanks @jacksona!

No, that section contains the Closer Toggle (small X) for dismissing the lightbox.

The Icons color picker affects the icons used for the Arrows as well as the Closer Toggle. As for hiding the arrows at specific breakpoints – that is not an option.

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