Overcome disappearing Glide stack problem

I really like the look and feel of navigation with Glide stack - and I’d like to use it for my site navigation - but it disappears at small screen sizes.

Any ideas what I can do to get round this? Disappearing navigation is not ideal.

Even if I use it for a sub section of the site I still need alternative navigation for phone users - or am I missing something here ?

The Glide stack’s Nav Items are hidden at the mobile breakpoint as they would consume far too much space on the small device screens. This is done by design. The page is navigated on the mobile device by scrolling down the page manually. The Glide stacks aren’t meant for site navigation, only for navigation of sections of content on a page.

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Thanks Adam - I was afraid you would say that.
It’s so much more beautiful than the standard vertical nav that I was hoping to use it instead - something to develop for the future perhaps ? Glide nav that reverts to mobile-style nav at small sizes ?

Alastair :slight_smile:

A navigation like that doesn’t make for good site navigation unfortunately.

As for mobile devices, the items would take up far too much space and since they’re anchor-based links, and not for site navigation, you’d want the items to be visible at all times.

I think you’re missing a trick here.
I use the Nav Items to link to an external PDF file - effectively it acts as a library index. I don’t use the content item at all. It works beautifully, and I love it - but of course it switches off for mobiles which is pointless in my case because, since I don’t use the content items, there is no reason not to have the nav items - in my case they are just a brief few words describing the document being linked. It seems to me in this case you’re doing our designing for us, and not thinking we might have a different use for an excellent tool. What about putting in a simple switch that allows you to turn off EITHER the nav items or the content items at the mobile breakpoint, according to what you’re using Glide for?

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Hi there @apGryffudd – Glide is an in-page navigation system. That is its function and what it is used for. In your use case you are attempting to make it do something outside of what it is built to handle or do. That is not its functionality.

If you want to use it for that I obviously won’t stop you, but it isn’t built for that, nor should it be used for that purpose.