Overlap shadow, background colours, borders F3

In Overlap F2 I was able to add a background colour, border and shadows.
I know F3 is a whole new set up, but how do I even do what Adam has done in the Overlap F3 documentation page - add a shadow effect, and I presume a white background?

You can achieve that through Black Smith. Create a .class and off you go.

@Phloque You can add a Card or a Background tool inside Overlap. This modular approach is how Foundry 3 is designed to work. I’d suggest trying Card first, as I suspect it will meet your needs.

Thanks for that.
Long way from getting my head around Blacksmith and css in general.
Getting closer to unlearning F2.

No need for Blacksmith here. Just put a Card inside of Overlay and you’re done.

Yes thanks Adam. Trying out the Card option right now and looking good.