Overlap Stack - Horizontal overlap

First of all, I gotta say Foundry is the best and your tutorial videos are terrific! Thank you for being so thorough with everything you do. Foundry has been my go-to ever since you developed it.

Okay … I am using the Overlap stack from the Potion Pack and checking to see if it works horizontally (left to right).

I have a 2 column stack and trying to overlap Column 1 over Column 2 (left over right - see photo).

I’ve tried multiple times but Column 2 remains the top layer with Column 1. Column 1 is pushed the overlapped distance set in the stack though underneath Column 2.

It works for overlapping Column 2 over Column 1 (right over left - see photo).

Any thoughts? Am I misinterpreting what is possible with Overlap?

Thank you!

(p.s. And I checked other threads so will explore the Position stack too).

Good morning @Mrbuzzboxx

Have you worked with adjusting the z-index value for your Overlap stack yet? If not give that a go. It is covered in the documentation for the stack on the Foundry site. It is in the section of the page labeled “Advanced.”

Also, thank you for the kind words on Foundry!


Adam, thank you as I will give the z-index a go. (I refer to your documentation and videos all the time – such a great resource).

And it’s my pleasure – you’re one of the very best developers in Rapidweaver as many others could learn from you when it comes to attention to customer care.

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Yep, that worked – playing with the Z-index (which is new for more).

I appreciate your help and quick response very much!

Not a problem at all.

I’m working on a new stack that would add even more flexibility in designing a layout like this as well, so keep your eyes open for that down the road.