Page Jumps To Top After Adding/Deleting/Moving stack?

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

Whenever I add, delete or move a stack, the entire page jumps back to the top instead of staying in place.

If so, anyone find a fix for this most supremely annoying issue that really slows the work flow???

I’ve seen that when I copy-paste a stack on the same page

Hey there @gnosismedia – This usually indicates something wrong in the content on the page at hand or with a stack. Can I ask – are you using a Google font anywhere on the page?

If you create a ZIP file containing your project file and send it to me, either here as a Dropbox link, or via email to adam at elixirgraphics dot com, I will take a look at it quickly to see what I can suss out.

As @elixirgraphics is alluding to ( I think ), if you are using Google fonts on the page(s) where you are seeing this, then I would suggest that you double or triple check the font-weight values you have selected in the Foundry base stack. If you have selected an invalid value for the font-weight, one that the Google font does not explicitly support; this can happen.

Hi ! I have this problem all the time… constantly - I’d love a solution too… I’ve read the suggestions and can confirm that all my fonts are Helvetica Neue (the default font foundry base stack loads with?) and at the standard default weights, so I don’t imagine its that? Will watch this thread in case it’s talked about more :slight_smile: Did you ever solve your issue @gnosismedia?

Me too, but I know it’s caused by RapidCart Pro Cart stack being on the page, cus if I delete it, it stops.

I know that for some reason RCP attempts to call Google Fonts is non-existant sizes, so I’d guess the Google Font comment above is on the money.

My workaround is to remove the offending stack from the page when editing, then add it back when complete.

Have you checked out this from YourHead?

Hi there @fitnesskey – If you post a link to a ZIP file containing your project file, and tell me what page in the project file is having this problem, I will take a quick look.

@elixirgraphics thanks so much - but murpheys law of course… I now can’t replicate the issue when copying and pasting, deleting stacks, etc… ANYWHERE… spontaneous resolution somehow… there was a potion pack update that installed this morning, and I think one last night to RapidWeaver… perhaps fixing issue? Anyway… flow is good now. Cheers.

@teefers cheers mate - had a read - looks good - I’ll be sure to avoid those problems in future - thanks.

@SteveB - my rapid cart pro does this too… but I don’t yet have a solution… I need rapid cart pro in a stack so it fits the feel of my site. m problem isn’t just editing though… happens with the published page - - try going to a purchase of an item… every time the page reloads between ‘sections’, it reloads the page at the banner at the top and you have to scroll down the page to find the shop again… I don’t want to do this, but all I can think of is creating a child page, from the /shop page, that doesn’t have a banner or other content above the rapidcartpro stack, so my /shop page would be what it is, but would just be a splash screen for the actual shop… with a linked image to something like /shop/buy - like I said I don’t love the idea, but I’m toying with doing that. what do you think? how do YOU integrate rapid card now?

I integrate it using the Store stack. Here it is on a template site: Store | bikeSHOP

Between sections, it’s too jumps to the top, but I’m not sure if this is a bug as such or just the way it works. My solution has always been to have the header area as small as possible on store pages. At the end of the day, the entire site is normally about getting the user to the store page, so once there, it’s good practice to remove all distractions, so minimal headers etc.

RCP puts some seriously weird stuff on the page: I regularly find it mucks up other stacks. I know it requests three fonts on all pages it appears on, no idea why, I’ve soured the entire setup but can see no mention of them, and I use a custom CSS sheet which I made myself and has no font calls. Moreover one or two of these fonts do not even exist in the weight requested, so they throw an error.

RCP is an incredible product, but it’s very problematic to work with. The problems are added to by the devs regularly disappearing for months at a time with no support offered at this time whatsoever.

I was all for throwing in the towel with the plugin until they finally surfaced and said they are back on it. But, I’ve heard this before from them so will take it with a pinch of salt.

During a recent quiet spell I contacted to inquire about buying RCP off them; whereupon I had a dev lined up to do the work on it needed then we’d put it out there with a sensible price tag and support structure. But they declined, so I assume they do have plans, it’s just a case of whether they carry thru on them.


Wow Steve. I wish they had sold it to you! I’ve got more support from you than them already! lol. So I’ve completed my store - - I’d appreciate if you’d have a peek and let me know what you think! It’s all live and working and I think I’ve succeeded in getting it functional. Now to see if I actually move any product! The supplements aren’t my main ‘bag’, but I’ve wanted to offer them for a while as I’m forever recommending them.

So your comments about writing custom CSS and your revealing that you’re clearly a developer with some brains, has led me to think about asking you if I could commission you to do a SMALL job for me… are you happy to chat about writing some CSS script for me, and teaching me where to paste it, for customising the use of another stack? It’s my DateSnap integration on my Appointments page… - all I want is to be able to have the event on the calendar box for that day, take up more than one line (like ‘wrap text’ would do in a spreadsheet), so that the details are visible at a glance. I almost always have just one event per day as you’ll see - and particularly on a larger device or screen, there is heaps of spare space. Occasionally I have 2 events at most - if this occurred, I’d like to split the space used in half. Thats it. The developer won’t help me, not even when I offered money - but rather sent me a link to a tutorial on CSS and suggested that any element of the appearance of my calendars can be adjusted easily with CSS. This is probably not the forum for further chats… or is it?

Your level of helpfulness just made me think that perhaps I can ask for that - please do let me know if it’s not something you can do.

Cheers for your consideration. Steve.

LOL. You couldn’t be more wrong!

I’m absolutely not a developer; I can just throw together some basic CSS when I have to.

I think you’ve misunderstood my comments, or are just reading way more into them than intended.

As for buying RCP, that’s nothing to do with being a developer, I can just spot missed opportunities to make money. What I can say, is if I got my hands on it, the first thing I’d do is completely change how users pay for it, and it would most likely make you change your mind on your opening sentence pretty quickly.

lol - fair call mate. anyway I appreciate your help and the chat in general. cheers. guess I’m glad they didnt sell it to you then :joy:

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I have fingers in quite a few pies, and while most are renowned for being expensive, they’re also, without fail, known for excellent customer service and support. And that costs.

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