Pages with subfolders, menu and SEO

Hey all

I hope I can explain my issue concerning pages with subfolders in RW and SEO.

So here’s the current work in progress of my wife’s website:

On desktop size I use foundrys mega menu for the menu on the top. When you shring it to mobile, it chances to foundrys overlay navigation stack.

I can build the mega menu the way I want, which is nice. But to have the overlay navigation look like I want it, I need to create empty pages and put the actual content pages as subfolders into that empty page. In Rapidweaver it looks like this:

Now what is the right way in terms of SEO? Shall I just leave the empty pages without any seo information? Shall I fill it even though there’s no content on the pages that I created mainly to make the overlay navigation look like I want? Can I prevent crawlers from crawling those empty pages so those pages are not shown in search results?

Any of you able to enlighten me, what’s the best way to do this and how to do it?