Pagination and Slider

I am very new to RapidWeaver and Foundry so please be patient with me. I am trying to use Pagination as a way to organize a bunch of content that I have for a page on my site. I have Pagination sitting in a Container. Within each Pagination Content I have a Column. In each Column I have a Header, a Paragraph and a Slider. I have about 7 different Pagination Content pages. The slider works perfectly on the first page. On all of the other pages I only see the navigation dots. I have tried all kinds of things to fix this and nothing is working. Please help me to see the photos on the other Slider pages.

Hi @AlaskaMom

Instead of having one column on each Pagination Content try to use 3 columns layout and check if that works for you without the Slider. Or try to post here your column content file so that we can check it out.

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You can’t place a Slider into a stack that hides content when the page loads. The Slider needs to “see” the space it has to work with during page load and within the Pagination stack it cannot do so – except on that first section where it is visible. Rule of thumb to try and follow – don’t put a slider into a stack that hide then reveals content, slide Pagination, or a Modal, or something like that. They’re not compatible due to the way they work. Just one of those things.