Pagination and Sort stacks

Hi everyone, is there any way of using the pagination stack with the sort stack? I have about 100 things to add into the sort stack and this would scroll forever… my plan would be to split that into about 10 pages! Is that doable?

No, sorry that is not something you can do.

Ok thanks. Does anybody know of any other sorting stacks that might have pagination included?

Due to the nature of how the two things work, there’s unfortunately not a high likelihood of finding a stack that will do that. If you do I’d be interested to see it in action though.

@kel : I don’t know if these stacks have pagination, but Stacks4Stacks makes 3 kinds of sorting stacks:

  1. Checkmate
  2. Filter
  3. Sortstack

Go here to find them:
I believe Filter is the most powerful of the 3.

Like @elixirgraphics I doubt any of those stacks do pagination, but I may be wrong. What they probably do offer is alternative ways to get to the “stuff” a viewer wants to see. So perhaps the Filter stack is the best option of those 3.

Again, just a guess on my part, but you’ll probably need to revise how you organize those “100 things” so they can be more easily found in various sub-categories.

… and if you do reorganize by using more categories then the Foundry Sort stack may once again be the best option for you. But this is just speculation since I’m not sure what the real-world sorting challenge is on your site.


I used Stacks4stacks filter stack…here 110 soldiers of Nelson, Lancashire who lost their lives in World War One.
there are 110…yes a bit of scrolling but goes fairly quickly? And interested parties can drill down quickly from the filter element. Sorry doesn’t really help your ‘pagination’ thoughts


I have the Filter already… I’ll take a look at those others you mention. I guess I’m looking for something like this… Maybe RapidWeaver isn’t the right thing to use! None of the items will be selling like on the screenshot though! If they were I would be using something like Shopify I guess!

Really like that @Wendyb nicely done :blush: