Pagination question

This is something of a continuation from my questions regarding the Glide stack. Whereas the Glide stack seems to be mainly for longer content areas, it seems the Pagination stack is for shorter content areas (otherwise the pagination counters themselves seem to get lost/hidden at the bottom of long content).

Are there problems with putting a Pagination stack inside a Glide stack? For example, for a class lesson I can see having one Glide area for videos. It would be nice to chunk them “pagination style” so students can see right away that there are, e.g., 5 videos. (I don’t really want to use a slider stack or similar as students might miss seeing one of the videos.)

Alternatively are there elegant ways of using a Pagination stack with longer content areas?

For instance at this testing page:

… you’ll find a glide stack with longer content (scroll down a bit), followed by a pagination stack with short content except page 3 which has longer content.

@mitchellm I’ve just test it myself on a project without any issues, it should work just fine.

Vitor: Yes, thank you for checking this. It seems to work once (i.e. in one Glide section). But if I use in 2 Glide sections then I get double-paginations in both instances. I think I can work with using pagination only once in a Glide stack.