Paragraph scrolling over nav menu error

Hi Adam and others,

For some reason…as you scroll down the page past the banner, the container with some paragraphs and headers is scrolling over the top of nav menu. Only on these 2 pages…not other pages.

It is an in progress draft site using almost exclusively Foundry stacks.

I’ve just noticed it today but could have been occurring the last few days…no major changes on either page that would have caused it…that I can work out anyway.

Don’t see any z index settings for the stacks that may be the issue.

Any ideas please?


Hi @scottf – If you’d like to provide us with a copy of your project file I’d be glad to take a look at it and see if it is a problem with the design or a bug.

Also, be sure you provide any non-Foundry stacks when you send your ZIP file to me.

The difference between those two pages and the rest are that you’re using Backdrop on those two, while you’re using a Banner stack for the same purpose elsewhere. It looks like the Backdrop stack needs some fine tuning for this particular corner case. I’ll add it to my next update for Potion Pack. Until then, switch to using Banner instead of Backdrop and you should be good to go. You should be able to achieve the same thing with Banner.

Hi Adam,
Yes that fixed it…changed over to the Banner stack.

Any idea on why it started, as I am 99% sure that it was working correctly a few days ago. I’m trying to remember why I used Backdrop on those pages instead of Banner.

I’m using Backdrop on this page and it is fine…using Impact for the banner image slider.


The Backdrop needs a z-index is all for the outer wrapper.

ok, thanks Adam,

Where do I find the z-index option in Backdrop? I can’t see one?

It isn’t an option. Like I said it will be updated with a proper internal z-index in the next update.

Ahhh…ok, sorry misunderstood you.


No problem. It’ll be in the next Potion Pack update.

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