Paragraph Styling Request

It would be a nice feature to have the styling options that are in Page Header in the Paragraph stack. I love the custom font and the large font styles that the PH stack has. I’d like to quickly replicate it, w/o making my content a header.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but something that has a larger presence than normal text (like is a paragraph) should use a header. Headers are meant for this purpose.

The paragraph stack does have some font sizes to choose from currently. At present it doesn’t have its own custom fonts, which is by design. The paragraph stack is one of the most used stacks on a page, if not the most used stack on a page. I aimed to keep the settings for the Paragraph stack to a minimum as to keep thing as nimble as possible in Edit Mode. I have plans for some further font customization options, but these will be handled externally to the Paragraph (and other stacks) as to continue to keep the things quick in Edit Mode. This isn’t something I’ve begun work on, but it is on my mental roadmap for Foundry.

I appreciate the nimbleness of your stacks for sure. :slight_smile: What I am referring to is on a site I’m working on (nowhere near finished).

This content should be a paragraph and not a header (“At AB Tools, Inc., we not only stand…”). For styling however, I’d love to be able to quickly mimic the styling of the Page Header stack, but for SEO, I should really have this as a paragraph. Otherwise, I have zero paragraphs on the page, and all headers.

I know I can accomplish this a couple of different ways, but I prefer to stay within Foundry/Elixir as much as possible.

An additional Font stack would be a great addition.

I took one of the larger blocks of text and created this as an example: (55.6 KB)

Does that achieve what you were wanting to do?

Thank you. It does not, unfortunately. I added it to my site under the “Page Header”, you can see the difference I was referring to.

This particular client doesn’t have a lot of written content to choose from, so I’m boxed in to either writing content or adding other font stacks to the page. I’ve had similar sites in styling and I used a PH stack, then a Modal for “Learn More” that achieved the look I wanted, and kept a fair amount of written content (paragraphs) to headers.

I think you have something overriding the font size then, as this is what it should look like:

Also, don’t forget, you’re not tied into using just the Foundry stacks. You can use the basic Stacks text stack too and format your text with that.

Thank you. I’ll look into it. I know I’m not tied to Foundry, I just prefer it.

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