Partials and How to Update Them

OK, I’ve been using my Control Center as a partial, adding it to each page that I create, but I keep getting NEW partials with strange names in the Partials Library! What causes this? Should I just delete them?

Also, if I wish to CHANGE the Control Center Partial, do I open it in the LIBRARY and save it back there? Does this then update in on every page?

Just making sure I understand partials!


Partials are part of Stacks. Read the documentation here.

In addition to the documentation mentioned by @jacksona above, there’s a slightly older video on the YourHead site that talks about how to use them. You can find it here. It should help you a bit with using them even if the video is from a while back, as how they work hasn’t changed a lot.

You don’t need to open it in Library, just double click the partial to edit it on any page it has been placed on. When exiting the partial after making any changes, these will then reflect in all the other instances of that partial on other pages. If you think you are going to do some tweaking and changes to the partial just to see what the results may be like and think you may want to revert back to the original later, then you could instead of editing the partial directly choose ‘unpack’ on a page so it becomes just a regular group of stacks again. You can then regroup these back in to a brand new partial but give it a unique name, I tend to work by using the same name and appending each version with V1, V2, V3 etc as the new name. If you do use the latter method then obviously it is a new partial so you would have to go and place it again on each page you want it (and remove the old one).

Tophat, your comments were VERY helpful…thanks. I did watch the old video, which is still OK, but you explained better about editing a PACKED partial, on ANY page, which will change ALL pages where the partial is used… Do I have that right? Thanks again.
Bye R@Y

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That is exactly right. A Partial that is on any page will be updated if you edit that Partial

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