Partitions - issue in Chrome

Hi @elixirgraphics ,
Sorry to bother you. I guess you’ve had a pretty busy day. Really pleased to see so many excited and happy people, including myself, after the release of V2. Congrats!

I’m just having a little difficulty with Partitions.

I have put the stack on my page but the side 1, main and topper aren’t working independent of each other. Nothing will scroll if I just add content inside the sections directly and the whole page scrolls if I use a container i each section to put stacks into. What am I doing wrong?

I have watched your video several times but I can’t see where my problem lies.

After writing the previous part, I tried the page in Safari (having been testing in Chrome) and it scrolled as expected so it looks like the problem may be Chrome specific.

Indeed @bpj it has been a long day here. I will take a look at this in the morning when I get back into the office. The CSS used for the overflow scrolling is pretty standard, so it could be a Chrome bug. I won’t know until I do some research tomorrow.

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You’ve done well and there’s lots of us who appreciate it. Enjoy a quiet evening. :beers:

Same with EDGE 44.18362.449.0 and the new 80.0.361.62 which is based on chrome as well as on Firefox 73.0.1. all with windows 10.

Hi @elixirgraphics,
A little bit of research found that Chrome looks at the height of the flex element and, for some reason, doesn’t cope when one isn’t available. It looks like setting the .fc-inner-wrapper class to min-height:0 does the trick.


Good morning all!

@bpj – Thanks for looking that up while I slept! You rock! I thought it might have something to do with Chrome not liking the fact that the sections are flexible heights. I’ll work on fixing this up today right after I knock out the emails in my inbox.


This will be in the v2.0.1. I want to hang on to hear back from one other user that was having a different problem to see if it is a bug or user error. If it was just user error I’ll ship this bug fix today or tomorrow. If their problem ends up being a bug I’d like to get that sorted first and ship the fixes together. I’ll update this thread when I know better.


Thanks @elixirgraphics,
That makes complete sense.

If you want to patch it before the update ships, a simple line in the page CSS fixes it:


I’d imagine most can hang on, but it means you can continue to play in the meantime.


Just pushed this update live. You should now be able to update to Foundry v2.0.1 inside of the Stacks plugin.

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