Partitions stack in Foundry

Is there any way to make the line between the left sidebar and the main content be deleted…so they bump up next to each other?

If I’m understanding your request, you could do that by adjusting the padding settings for the sidebar(s) and the main content area of the Partitions stack.

The first 2 images are what I want…
The last one is Partitions…O have the padding set to 0
What I want is the white divider to be gone!
I think it will take some CSS.
Thanks for your help.

Can you post a link to a test/example page? In order to get the right CSS, it’s important to be working with the page that needs to be adjusted.

Without seeing all of your settings it will be hard to help. Let me see your project file and I’ll be able to help you much easier.

This is what I see at your URL: CleanShot 2022-03-31 at 10.33.21 · CleanShot Cloud

Perhaps you just need to clear your cache?

I cleared the cache…in Safari I still have a white line

Here’s a screenshot from Safari 15.4. It looks correct to me.

Crazy…I have the same version…and cleared cache

Current FF and Chrome look the same as the screenshot I posted. Have you tried Private Browsing in Safari? That should be a clean start when loading the page.

In fire fox just get a black line

I’ve looked on multiple computers in multiple browsers on each and it looks the same as @DLH has shown in each browser on each machine.

I guess I am just crazy!!!

Not sure about that, but I cannot replicate what you’re seeing. I know it sounds stupid, but maybe an OS restart? :person_shrugging:

works on my iPad
so i will try a restart

Same after a restart!!

No white line for me either !

@joemart1951 you’re not going crazy… I see the white line too:

Same on Chrome and Edge.


@joemart1951 and @Erwin-Leerentveld

What are your settings in your macOS Systems Preferences for scroll bars: