Password Protection for Website Pages

Is there a way to password protect individual pages of a website?

I would like to create dedicated pages for some of my customer’s projects.
If possible I would also like to be able to put a time-lock on these passwords.
The time-lock would make the password usable for a limited amount of hours or days.

Can this be done with Foundry or are there any other stacks that would work with Foundry to provide this functionality?

Foundry does not contain a tool for creating what you’re trying to build. I know there are some stacks out there for password protecting pages, but I don’t know that they have the specific features you’re looking for.

Thanks Adam,

I will post this question on the RapidWeaver forum.

Great work on the new Foundry! Still digging in but I really like what I am seeing!

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There are at least a couple of options.

Joe Workman makes a stack called PageSafe that does most, if not all, that you want.

There’s a more powerful solution called SiteLok. It’s not a RW stack but it’s a product several folks use with RW. And RW with Foundry. More here:

Both products cost about $40.


There are some possible confusions in this area also that I should note.

  1. Joe Workman also makes a set of Sitelok stacks. But these stacks assume you already have Sitelok. While the stacks do make it a bit easier to implement Sitelok they are not needed.
  2. Sitelok has a few ways to control user access. I don’t think you can limit by hours, but you certainly can by days.
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