PDF Print and Map2 "Help"


I am using PrintBox from stack4stack, I have noticed that it does not work when viewed on Android, webOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod and BlackBerry devices. Which PDF Print Stack I can use to show in small devices and compatible with Foundry. Also Google Map Stack has the same issue does not show on small devices!!


Hi @Monica-- these sound like you’re having troubles with other developers’ products if I’m reading your post correctly. If so you will want to go to their website(s) to get assistance from them. If I’m not understanding correctly please let me know.

Thanks @elixirgraphics (Adam)!, Yes I did read more about PrintBox and why it does not work, I was not saying it was a Foundry issue, I was asking what I can use in regard to printing/downloading and Google map best with Foundry. Have a great day!

@Monica – Oh, OK, I see. I misunderstood. I personally don’t have anything like that or any suggestions. Best thing would probably be to search on the Community site.