PHP_AUTH_USER with Foundry?

Hi, a question just to make sure I am not missing anything.
Does Foundry offer some user security, handling $_SERVER[‘PHP_AUTH_USER’] (I would need/use in a Windows domain intranet environment)?
I know Vibralogix Sitelok, but that is “standalone”, e.g. meant for a internet website, not an intranet Win domain logic.
Any thoughts?
Thanks, Igor

Sorry, just minutes after I posted I got something to work.
The logic must be set first on the webpage, before DOCTYPE.
Thanks anyway.

BUT, another question:
How can I best show/hide parts on a page evaluating PHP_AUTH_USER, e.g. user x may see a part, but user y may not?
How do I enclose stack elements in such a logic to been seen or hidden?

Cheers, Igor

That would not be something Foundry handles. You can use other stacks or plugins to handle that, but the framework itself is not going to deal with that.

Thanks Adam, that’s what I thought.
Got it worked out, though.
So, if anyone is interested, here it goes:

<!-- this goes top page, prefix, just before DOCTYPE -->
	if (!isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'])) { 
	    header('WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="SomeRealm"' );
	    header('HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized');
	    echo "No access";

<!-- how to display/hide a contained stack based on PHP_AUTH_USER -->
<!-- with Joe Workmans HTML Enclosure stack -->
<!-- but should work fine also with standard text/HTML/text stacks -->
	if (($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']) == 'myUserName') { 
		echo '<div class="someclass" style="display:inline">';
	else { 
		echo '<h3>Auth_user -if set- its value is ['.$_SERVER['AUTH_USER'].']</h3>'; 
		echo '<div class="someclass" style="display:none">';
 --- then put a stack inside the stack drop zone ---
	echo '</div>';

Of course, this is absolute basic php, no particular logic besides checking if the user accessing is me. The idea is to further develop this to work for my group…
Cheers, Igor