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I can not get an image within a text “by default” to the left and right to the border of the post(FullPost). Does this work only with ExtendImage settings?

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If you want the image to extend past the width of the blog post, then you need to use the Extend Image tool.

Thanks for the information,
I just want the image to be displayed exactly to the edge of the container.

Unfortunately, I can not use Extend Image in this context, because the posts in Ulysses created (and the images are linked) and the required image link can not be compiled there.


Your image will not scale up past its original size. So if your blog post container is wider than your image your image will not stretch to fill that extra space. Make sure you create your image to be at least the width of your blog post container.


I honestly don’t know what you mean in this post. Especially: “because the posts in Ulysses created (and the images are linked) and the required image link can not be compiled there.” I am sure the confusion is due to some awkward translation from German to English.

Can you provide a direct URL to the image? That will help us to answer your questions more precisely. Right now I’m not 100% what the problem really is.

Sorry, Google Translate …

Gladly, here the link:

The picture is 1920 pixels wide and I just want that picture up to the frame (see Appendix 1. Post).

With Extend Picture I can not work because the markdown files are created in Ulysses and the image links can not be changed there. One would have to edit all Markdownfiles and adjust the links for “Extend Pictures”.

Maybe that’s easier to understand now.
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Unfortunately Ulysses is not very good with mixing HTML and Markdown. It’s one of the reasons I moved away from it.

I’m not really sure what you mean by the image links can’t be moved there. You can add HTML to Ulysses. In this case you’d want this format:

<p class="extend"><img src="fullURLhere.jpg" alt="text describe" /></p>

The problem with Ulysses is that to insert the HTML you have to to add something like “raw source” or similar for it to be previewed well in Ulysses. (I can’t remember the exact wording they use.) But it’s an extra bit of code they insert that can’t be understood well by anything else: other markdown editors, websites, etc.

While it’s all an inconvenience, it’s not a huge problem. Export the markdown document and edit it with anything else and you’ll be able to cleanly put in that extend code. This is really more of a Ulysses self-generated problem/awkwardness. If you are using the Alloy Editor then you can easily edit within it.

Then in your blog entries stack you can set the extend images to extend as much or little as you want. I tried it with your image and set extend to 1920 pixels. Well that just looks ugly but it does work. I would not advise extending by so much. I can understand why you want to do it, but I don’t think you’ll be able to pull it off within Alloy. However, you can create many nice designs with it by using extensions of 200, 300, even 600 px. But beyond that it really makes the whole image & text combo look quite awkward.

The bigger thing is to reconsider the Ulysses workflow a bit. They decided they know markdown better than others: so there are quirks in that app that are not present in other markdown apps.

It looks like you’re using padding around your blog entries. The padding applies to the images, text, everything in the entry. Your images are the same width as your blog content. To be wider than the blog content and extend past the padding you’d need to use the Extend Image code.

Personally it would probably behoove you to just use Alloy’s Editor stack to setup a backend and edit your blog posts with it, IMHO.