PIP Navigation Partial

I use Mega Menu to move around pages, but there are some long pages that I used PIP to jump down and back up. Is there a way to make a partial to use on other pages? Would like to clone all the settings at least.

Well, I made a partial with the setting I want and then unpack it where I need it. Works OK. Feature request: Collapse in Edit Mode

There shouldn’t be a need to unpack it on each page if it is supposed to be the same on every page. May I ask why you’re unpacking it? If it isn’t meant to be the same on each page then a partial is necessary really.

If it’s not unpacked, it’s on another page and I can’t drag the target to where it needs to go. Using Stacks 4.02

If you place your targets before making it a Partial you can then just copy and paste the targets from the other page.

Granted because of the targets and manual curation Pip isn’t a natural candidate for being a Partial.