Plans for PHP 8?

Are there are plans to upgrade Foundry and Alloy (and other stacks) to use PHP 8.x?

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Good morning @Thorgrim

Yes, there are general plans for updating Alloy to use PHP 8. This would need to be part of a much larger overall update.

I’m currently working on another quite large and very important update though, which has a ways to go still. Once that is done I hope to be able to switch gears and focus on major updates for Alloy, which would include PHP 8 support.


The only reason I asked at all, is I’ve been stuck using insecure version of PHP in the past after products where abandon :sweat_smile:

I know PHP “upgrading” can be a pain

Thanks for the update.

Well, Alloy is not being abandoned, there are just things that are far more important for me to complete at this juncture.

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