Pop out window for video

I’m looking to have a window pop up that plays a video.
Is this possible within the Foundry stacks or do I need something like Pop Box (1LD) and/or Call To Action (Weaver Space)?

Have you given the Foundry Modal or Video Zoom tools a look yet?

Have not but I will now! Thanks

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Tried Modal and Video Zoom. Don’t think it’ll work as I need it to pop open after a couple seconds after page load.

I did a Call To Action with a Pop Box. Put a Foundry ‘Video Embed’ stack in the main content and it’s KINDA working.
I have an issue though where the audio keeps playing even after 'x’ing out of the pop box. This happens even if I swap out the ‘Video Embed’ for the ‘You Tube’ stack from Weaver’s Space.
moosevoice.com is the site (home page)

Foundry does not have timed popups. You’ll want to try something else for that.