Popover - can I change text font size with css?

Hi all,

I’d like to increase the size of the font for the Popover stack. I understand this can be done using the base font size in the Control Centre but I only want to increase the Popover text font size not all my paragraphs.

Is it possible to increase using css? Any suggestions please would be appreciated.

Cheers Scott

Give us a link to your site, and I’m sure it’ll be easy to do.

Hi, Thanks, link to page in question below.
The green section with the ‘read more’ buttons are the Popover stacks in question.
Cheers Scott

Here ya go…

.popover-content {
font-size: 16px !important;

Change the px value to whatever you want.

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Great thanks, but that doesn’t seem to change font size. I’ve tested it on just the ‘read more’ for the Community section, changed it to 20px

See screenshot.

Any thoughts??

Thanks Scott

OK. I truth, I didn’t check it worked in RW, only in Inspector. I’ll get a look now and get back.

EDIT: It’s working fine for me in RW.

Try this demo: Transfer - Dropbox

Note the css put into the page css box.

Edit edit: Oops, just spotted your error in your screenshot.

The CSS goes here…

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Ahhh…ok great thanks. Yes that did the job perfectly. Thanks so much!
Have a great day.
Cheers Scott