Positivity and Affirmation / Website+Shop


This is a very personal project that I launched together with my wife. A Foundry Website + my first ECWID Shop which was created with the stacks of Axyn Technology | Home
We are doing some fineart prints from our home office now to overcome the COVID times… :ok_hand:
We tried to make the best out of the covid pandemic and the extra time that we share at home. We decided to make the best out of it and create something from the bottom of our hearts and bring some positivity to the people! :slight_smile:
Our impression is that the majority is pretty frustrated by the covid restrictions and tend to have a negative view on their lives right now. We know these are tough times, but anyway - there is no alternative to staying positive! :muscle:
Indeed it´s the best time to re-think your own mindset and work on your personality, e.g. with the help of positive affirmations. That is what the shop and the website is all about: mindest and positivity!
I could easily talk about this topic for hours :wink:
please let me know if you find any error. I am keen on geting to know how you like it. please be aware that the website has just been launched (although not being completely finished yet) and is under permanent optimization. Stay positive!

PS: You can help us very much with this startup by liking, sharing and spreading the page. we are thinking about making the website multilingual - which could function as an icebreaker for you out there to actually buy something from the shop. :innocent: :wink:


Nice project! Funny, my wife and I are just working on the same idea. Wish you all the best with the selling products. :ok_hand:

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Nice touch there, missed it the first time I read the post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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thank you!!! and good luck with your plans. -spread some positivity! world needs some. :wink: