Possible bug in Control Center background image?

I’m starting to build a new site and wanted to experiment with a background for the whole site.

  1. Select Background type and choose Image
  2. I can drag an image into the well
  3. But if I click the Browse button it ‘clicks’ but nothing happens - no dialogue box appears.

RW 8.8.2
Stacks 4.2.2
Catalina 10.5.17

That button is a part of Stacks itself. I’m away from my computer right now so I can’t try it. But this is likely one you’ll need to email Isaiah about.

OK, no problem. I’ll send him a message via his Slack channel and report back.

Just sat back down and loaded up a new project and it seems fine here: ScreenFlow.mp4 • Droplr

Ignore the version number for the video. I don’t update that until it gets processed to go to the update server. I’m on RW 8.8.7, Stacks 4.2.2 and Foundry 2.3.4.

Yes, please scratch that Adam. I came back to my Mac after unloading the weekly shop and it had crashed. Re-started and the Browse button is working again. Please close thread or remove it. Thanks.

No problem. Always better safe than sorry reporting bugs. :+1: