Posting one of my own Foundry site creations - Flat Button 2 Site

##Flat Button 2

Just a simple product preview site I built to showcase the Flat Button 2 stack for RapidWeaver. Tried to keep a simple, clean look in order to show off the stack.


Also of note – I used Adobe’s Typeset for the first time with this site. I like that Adobe has many more fonts to choose from than Google fonts, at this point, but I do find so far that Google serves up the fonts much faster than Adobe.

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How you use Adobe Typeset? Would you share the project file for a better understanding?

I posted a video in another thread, which you can see here, that shows how to use Typekit. You’d provide your Typekit code as Adobe has you do, then use the Custom Font settings and use the Other choice (instead of the Google Fonts choice). Watch that video and you should see what I mean.