Potion Form Pro request

The Form Pro documentation states that a valid email is always required before the form will submit.

There are many times when an email is not required. E.g. A phone me back Form where you just need a phone number OR a product brochure or sample request Form where just a name and request are required. Requiring an email is also a show stopper for some users who don’t want to give an email or maybe don’t have an email.

Can I request an option to not require an email address?


What happens when the user submits the form but they mistype their phone number? How do you contact them at that point? Isn’t a second line of contact a good thing?

I’ll put it in the issue tracker as a request, but I’m not sure it will make it or not.

I personally would rather give out my email address all day long than give a form on the internet my phone number. But that is just me.

It depends on the application. What if your target customers don’t have email? The argument for miss typing a phone number also applies to an email address.

Many users don’t want to give an email unless it is absolutely necessary.

Requiring an email address before submission will prevent Forms Pro from being a solution for these type of applications.

One other application is UI prototyping using RW & Foundry for App mock ups. I have 2 of these in the works and requiring an email will stop me using Foundry on these. Foundry would otherwise be my first choice.

If there is an email child stack present then it makes sense to make the email a required field. However, if there is no email field it makes no sense to require an email field.


Finally got the chance to try out Potion today.

I now understand what Forms Pro is - it’s more of the standard Foundry contact form with the ability to add addition fields.

I would really love to have a blank Foundry form facility where you just add exactly what you want which would make Forms Pro much more versatile. Unfortunately, many forms that I have created with RW just don’t fit the format of always requiring a Full Name, Email, Subject and Are you Human.

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I would really love to have a blank Foundry form facility where you just add exactly what you want which would make Forms Pro much more versatile.

Form Pro is meant as an email form, so I suspect it isn’t what you’re looking for. An email form should have a from name, subject and email. You might need something more like FormLoom if you’re looking to build forms that can be used for things other than emails.

This can be turned off in the stack, here:

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… I also Gary, I hope Adam brings these features in a future update somewhere.

Those are not features that are likely to come to this stack, @TINO. As I mentioned in my last post, the stack is for creating email forms and those elements are essential items in an email, so making those element optional is not something I’ll be doing with this particular stack.

OK understood. Always worth asking.

Definitely no harm in asking. It just isn’t the direction I want to go with that stack. Like I mentioned though, FormLoom likely would be a good fit for your specific needs though.

I have a feature request - the ability to use the “Select” function drop down menu in the subject field. In other words, I would like the ability to have users only select from a predetermined number of topics when filling in the Subject field of the form. That would be great!

Hi Adam,

What about the ability to hide the subject line and in the HUD type a generic subject line. For example, on a current client site I have 3 fields acting as a “Quick Contact Form” which includes name, email, message. I have it programmed that the subject line states “{name} sent a quick contact”. This form is made with Formloom.

My issue with Formloom is that it loads a completely different bootstrap version compared to Foundry. I really want to keep a majority of all 3rd party stacks out of my Foundry project.


@unluckytoe Looks like Formloom loads up Bootstrap 3.36 and FontAwesome 4.5!

Another request would be to remove the asterisk from the field title. This requires that an additional explanation of what the asterisk means, needs to be added which add complication and length to the form. As it is easy enough to just add an asterisk to the field title, i.e. set the title to be “Name *”, it is redundant anyway.

Also I think some users will be thrown off by the greyed out “inactive” Submit button.

I am a firm believer in making forms as absolutely easy as possible and forms that lay out the rules before you enter anything can put some users off.

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I can look at this, but I don’t know if it is something that will make it into the stack.

As with the Select field recommendation, above, I will note it, but at this moment, with all I have going on with the recent hurricane, I cannot make a promise it will be something that will make it in any time soon, if at all.

I suspect this is a slightly nit-picky detail. An asterisk is the de facto standard for required fields, and since those fields are required they get marked as such with an asterisk. This is probably not something I’ll look to change at this time.

Not sure I understand the point you’re making with this one. The inactive button is the same as other inactive elements within Bootstrap. The form is inactive if the user has not met the field requirements that you as the developer set within the stack, such as required fields, etc. This is how the form is designed to work.

You do not have to set requirements on your fields, aside from the base requirements like Name, Subject, etc. These are requirements I’m not currently planning on changing for the stack.

Hi, I could use Form Pro at the moment. But I need to prefill the subject line. Can’t we just make the Placeholder a default text so that the Form can be send?

Or have the option to not use this field at all?

For example: I use this form for people to take part on a seminar. So I just need the name, e-mail adress and the prefilled subject line or no subject line at all.

Thank you



See above.

That is not a feature of the stack.

Thanks, but there is not even another third-party stack I could use - and I need it. Just to enter a name and an e-mail address would be sufficient but if we will always have a subject, this is fine. But in this case, please make the already existing text in there prefilled. The user can change it any time, it just needs to be sent with the form as it is.

That can’t be so difficult? To make an existing text just stay there? The functionality does not even change as the text can be overwritten?



What you’re looking for is not really an email contact form, which is what Form and Form Pro are. Your need sounds more like what services like MadMimi and the like do, which is collect information for mailing lists. The Form and Form Pro stacks are for sending messages to website owners.

I can appreciate needing a solution for a site design, and have even mentioned above that I will look into it, but cannot make any promises. As I’ve said elsewhere in replies today, I’m without power, so there is no chance any thing will be added as immediately as it sounds like you need it.

I’m not sure why the text is bolded above, besides the fact that you seem frustrated by my reply. While something may seem easy enough, it doesn’t always mean that it is (1) easy or that (2) it is a feature that I wish to implement within the stack. As I mentioned, the stack is a contact form and not a data collection stack. I believe Kuler Solutions sells a product for collecting data into a database, and I suspect you could probably use FormLoom to build a form to collect data as you’re looking to do, or even a third-party service.

All that being said, I will take a look at some of the suggested feature requests when I am able to get back to work.

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Thanks for looking into! All the others forms and services are way too professional - e. g. I have FormsPlus from Chillidog and some others. But I do not need a full fledged Ferrari just to drive to the next grocery store :slight_smile: Yours is just fine!

@elixirgraphics hope you are beginning to get back to normal after Irma. Also, I hope this is all coming across as useful feedback and not complaining and something to consider when things have settled down.

The basic Foundry Form is a good, one size fits all, easy to use solution, but FormsPro is sort of the same thing with the ability to add more fields, but still in a rigid format with little flexibility.

There are other 3rd party form solutions, and IMHO, Forms Plus is the best solution but is overkill for these type of simple forms and therefore, often not a solution for simple forms. Similarly Siphon is overkill.

FormLoom3 has been suggested as a solution, but AFAIK, it adds Bootstrap3 and FontAwesome 4.5 CSS and there is no indication on the YabDab site that it works with Foundry other than a refund warning to check with your theme developer. These are alarm bells, but maybe someone else can comment on whether adding Formloom to Foundry would be acceptable

So there remains an unfulfilled requirement in Foundry for basic field selection and field display with just email support, i.e. database insertion not required. To be clear here, the current FormsPro but with additional check boxes to include what you want displayed and verified and then an email function with all fields comma separated in the email. As the FormsPro is tantalisingly close to this, this would seem to be the perfect solution with some of these suggestions included in future updates.

Over the years I have been asked to create so many different versions of email forms and this can be a potential showstopper when a customer requests that you add what should be a simple form and you can’t because your framework doesn’t allow it.

Hoping this makes it into the stuff to consider in the future.