Pre-purchase Information | Position

My question regards position flexibility. I have watched a considerable number of the videos, and without exception, placement of the header offers only three options: left, center, and right. But always smack dab in the middle vertically.

How to place one at the top? Lower right hand corner? Wherever you want? Are there options built into the stack itself, or is there a position stack that would allow more precise placement?


I don’t think I understand your question. Vertical placement on the page is handled by where you place the stack in the Edit Mode area of the Stacks plugin within RapidWeaver.

As I mentioned, I watched a ton of your videos. In almost each and every one of them, the content you added to some kind of background was a header and a paragraph. The header always went into the center of the screen, with an option to align it horizontally left, center or right. The software did not seem to offer to position the header anywhere else.

What if I wanted this type of layout with a header in the right hand corner? How would I achieve that? As I do not have your software, I could not see if there were other options for content placement other than smack dab in the middle.

Again it comes down to placement within Edit Mode and how you handle the formatting of the elements around it. As an example, here I’ve used the Backdrop tool, along with the Margins tool to space things how I like. And since all of these are responsive tools you can adjust that spacing, etc at each breakpoint.

As with most things relating to design, there’s a lot of different ways to achieve the same thing.