Printing desktop view, not mobile


I’m trying to print my website pages to pdf, other members of the team want them to make corrections and additions to out beta foundry page. But when I try to print it, it prints in mobile view, obviously, because it’s designed mobile first. The question is, how can I print it in desktop view?


Good Morning @NintendoPlayer!

Odd, when I try to print a Foundry site, say the main Foundry home page from a desktop browser it prints as seen on the desktop.

Any chance you can post a URL for us to look at to see if we can’t sort it out for you?

Of course:

It will warn you about the certificate, it’s because the domain is only for testing purposes.

If I select to print the page horizontally, then it prints in desktop view, I don’t know why

Yeah, looks fine here. I suspect that perhaps it is because of the width of the browser at the time of printing. Try making your browser wider and then choosing print. Or, if that isn’t possible because you’re on a smaller screen laptop, try opening the page on a desktop computer with a wider screen. This is what I’m seeing here on my desktop when printing:

Hi! Just don’t know how, but I tried again, and it’s printing correctly. I don’t know. I’m using a laptop, but connected with a 21:9 display, so it’s pretty wide. I’m using firefox, chrome it’s printing mobile view.

Well, glad you got it to print so you can get your edits done.