Probably a dumb mistake, but I can't get my margins to work

I’m out of practice, but I don’t remember having this problem in the past. Screenshots attached. I want a margin on the left and the same on the right. When I type it in the margin works on the left side, but not the right. I’m hoping have the content responsively shrink and be complete in the window. I’m assuming that I’m forgetting something very rudimentary.

Margin shows on left…

No Margin on right

My Margin settings, in case it’s helpful…

Thanks in advance!

You likely have content on the page that is set wider than the small width of your iPhone view there which is forcing content off the right-hand side of the page. If you’d like to share your project file with us as a download link perhaps someone can help you more specifically if you cannot find the problem.

Don’t you take holidays? :slight_smile: The top two pictures, together, represent the whole screen. The top picture shows my margin on the left, and the second picture shows that my 40 px margin isn’t showing up.

Here’s the file as instructed:

Thanks Adam!

On the Home page, your mobile font size in the Header Plus stack is too large. “(Re)construction.” in that font size is forcing the content to extend off to the right. Since it’s all one word and cannot be broken to multiple lines, it causes the text to overflow on the right. I set it to 30px and it was centered.

On the Contact page, you have the Container stack holding the Form stack’s “Fill Mode” set to “Fixed Size” in the Layout settings. Change that back to it’s default of “Fill”. That’s one of the default setting areas that Stacks adds to all stacks and not really part of the Foundry-specific controls. I would then change the “Type” from “Fluid” back to it’s default of Fixed-width in the “General” area. You can then set the max-width to 800px (which is what you had the fixed size set to). That will allow it to scale with the screen, but get no wider than 800px, so it doesn’t extend the entire width of wide displays. I would probably also narrow the side margins alongside the form, so that it isn’t as narrow on mobile devices.

I feel the primary purpose of the Container stack is to “contain” content so that it doesn’t expand the entire width of the screen.

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Hi - Thank you so much! Your instruction was very clear :slight_smile: Time to double down on learning all of this, it’s been a lot of trial and error (to be expected to some degree) but it sure would be nice to not have to do that so much.

With regards to your last comment, it sounds like it makes sense to have margins inside containers, not the other way around, since you can define the size of the container. Do you think that seems right?

This will be replacing pretty much the first site I ever did with Rapidweaver - with Blocks instead of Stacks, all because it was a bit like iWeb! It’s not even responsive :frowning:

I tend to have years off in-between, hence all of the relearning. Thanks again!