Problem using Sort in a Tab

I’m having an unusual problem putting a Sort inside a Tab. When you first get to the tab, the contents of the sort overlaps the content below it. You can see what I mean if you go to this page and click on the second tab.

You’ll note that when you first hit the page there is an overlap problem, but if you click “show all” it goes away.

I made a video showing the problem that you can see here.

You cannot put complex stacks like Sort within a stack like Tabs, Accordions, etc. These stacks need to see the page during load so that they know the space they have available to them to use. When in a Tab, Accordion, Modal, etc they cannot do so and thus will not work.

Thanks. It was worth a try. Good to know there’s not a solution so I stop spinning wheels.

Not a problem. It is just a case of trying to combine too many of the fun shiny things all into one combined layout. :slight_smile: