Problem with Banner in Safari vs Chrome

Hi everyone,

I am using the Banner stack on the home page on my website. The Banner has a background image and some text along with the scroll button at the bottom of the page.

After publishing the page when I preview the website live, the results are different on Safari and Chrome. In Safari there is an overflow of the banner on home page when the screen is scrolled down, however in Chrome there is no such overflow. The screen scrolls down completely in Chrome.

Wonder why this difference in behaviour in both the browsers. Am I missing some setting. Please help !!

I have attached the Safari and Chrome screenshots. I am not able to upload the project file though.


I sussed out your URL from your screenshot (please remember to provide a URL for us to look at in the future, as troubleshooting from a screenshot is not sufficient).

Both browser show the exact same design here. See my video with them side-by-side:

That said you probably just have the two browsers opened to different heights. Please see my second video here:

This is not a bug or a problem of any sort. Just that with the window open further you’ve run out of content to scroll upwards and the banner is still visible.

Oh my god!. I wasn’t aware that it works on this principle. Thank you for the prompt reply Adam. I understand the concept now…

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