Problem with how page is displaying

Quite flummoxed, Adam. My homepage simply isn’t loading properly. I’ve cleared caches & cookies & whatnot. Not sure if it’s the way I have set up the Gravitate stacks or if I need to contact my hosting company. No idea if this link works - if it does, kind of how the page is supposed to be.
The website is a total mess today. https:/ I can send a copy of the stacks page, too. If it comes to that.
Thank you in advance!

I’ve moved this to a new thread, as it was unrelated to the thread you posted in originally. Please be sure to start new thread instead of lumping different topics into one thread.

I visited and it seems you have a few javascript errors that seem to originate with Google Calendar. These errors are likely causing other things on the page to fail:

My suggestion would be to first make a backup copy of your project file. Then start by removing whatever stack or custom code is on the page relating to this Google Calendar. Republish All Files from RapidWeaver and then clear your browser cache and see if that fixes your problem.

This does not appear to be something related to Gravitate though at first glance, as the animations for Gravitate seem to be playing out just fine.

I don’t use Google Calendar at all & will check into the Calendar stack I use on that page. I have removed all the Gallery Stack 3s that I had on a number of images inside the Gravitate animations so they would pop up on being clicked on. Everything seems to be working now. Thank you!

I saw a number of images animating on that page. More than three for sure.

That said it is best not to put complex stacks inside of an animation. It’s best to use more simple, non-complex stacks. Text, images, etc. A gallery of images, slider, image compare, etc are quite complex on their own.

Check what I recommend in my first post. Then if that doesn’t help clear things up start simplifying the page.