Problem with Ivy2 Accordion in Flip Stack

I am using flip stack to switch from German to English content. Inside the flip stack is an accordion built with Ivy2. The section below is a backdrop stack. I noticed that the accordion overlays the backdrop stack when I open up the accordion. Usually the backdrop stack should make room for the accordion content by shifting further down.
As soon as I put the Ivy accordion out of the flip stack, everything works as usual. But while it is inside the flip stack the content below doesn’t “seem to notice” that the accordion “needs more room”.

Question here: is that a bug? Can I do something about it?

I would really love to use the flip stack here. I don’t want to set up a “real” multi language page, I just want to enable the user to see the English content for this section.

It’s not a bug. Some stacks need to “see the page” when they load, because of what they do.

You’ve got two of them, one inside the other, so this won’t work, and is why Ivy does work outside of the Flip stack, and why the Backdrop isn’t shifting.


what a pity. thanks for your input. I will consider finding a different solution…