Problem with Margins stack - different settings for Desiktop, Mobile don't display correctly

Hi, I have just started to play with Foundry - and I am impressed. Very intuitive.

However, I have run into a problem with the Margins stack. I understand that this stack can be used to control margins/padding for whatever is inside this stack depending on where content is displayed - desktop - iPad - Mobile. Is that correct?

Should I be able to set different custom paddings/margins for let’s say desktop and mobile display - all in the same Margins stack? Or do I have to pick either desktop or mobile?

Here is what happens. Whatever I adjust first - sticks. And nothing else works. If I set my mobile margins in this stack first - let’s say 20-20-20-20 - that’s it. Even if I set my desktop margins to 100-100-60-50, only the first mobile ones get displayed, no matter what preview size I switch to.

Am I not using the Margins stack right or is this a bug in the system?

Thanks in advance. Markus

I downloaded one of the free themes (Sparks), it worked there and now it also works with the page I am trying to build… Strange, but I am happy it does. :slight_smile:

@Markus The margins stack is one of the most important and most used stack for Foundry. Check out the video for building a one page websit that Adam made. There are 3 settings for each screen size, mobile, tablet and desktop. Depending on how you want the site to look will determine what each setting should be. Watch the video and download the project file and play around with it.

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I will. Thanks, Steve.

@Markus: If you post a screenshot of your Edit Mode showing the whole window, while you have your Margins stack selected, or if you send me your project file, I can let you know where you might have gone wrong, or to help you understand the Margins stack better. That beings said, as @Steve_J points out, I use the Margins stack in most of my project files, including the free ones, as well as in the tutorial videos, so those are good things to look at.

Thanks for the tips. All very helpful. I am understanding a lot more after watching your tutorials.

I ran into this problem when I first used the MARGINS stack, but discovered that it was my fault as I had not ENABLED the other breakpoints for the stack the only one that was enabled was the MOBILE breakpoint so that was used for all breakpoints!

That’s exactly what happened to me too. But now I know hat changing values is not enough. You have to turn them on.

It would cretainly help for people getting into Foundry to have the margins for either Mobile/Tablet or Desktop automatically switch to enabled once the user changes the margins for any of these device options. Just an idea.

Automatically enabling features based off of other features setting isn’t something that the Stacks API allows for unfortunately.