Problem with Template 65 Files

Hi, I have a problem with Template 65 files. I am removing this and restart RapidWeaver but it still coming back every restart. When I drag this file to the main content area it shows Foundry v1.3.4.4. I don’t get it what is this file and why can’t I get rid of it?

That is a pre-built Template for Stacks v4. It is essentially an un-editable External (if you’re not familiar with these the were added in Stacks v4). Isaiah has a video about Externals that explains them. Deleting them is purposefully hard as if you’re using an External in multiple projects and delete it from one it needs to continue to exist because it is referenced by other projects.

With all that said, that Template is not though a part of the Foundry products themselves. I do not currently offer any Stacks v4 templates myself. I suspect it has something to do with a project file or a set of templates you installed at some point perhaps from another developer who makes products for Foundry. Perhaps you bought something from @egomade, @webdeersign or another developer which included it in one of their products?

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I don’t use Templates in my Foundry based Projects. Many developers do add Templates and they are added inside stacks, so it could have come in recently in a recent stack install after Stacks4 was released. It is good practice to add a an author name and a description and tags inside Templates but looks like that one is not labelled.


Thanks, guys then I will ask Isaiah how to get rid of this. :v:

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No need to bother Isaiah. Just select it and delete from the page. In the Stacks inspector, right click on it and delete it from your RW Stacks installation if you don’t want it or perhaps just leave it there until you know where it came from.

Of course I did that before the asking here. As you see in my first post every restart its coming back even I delete it. But I found the way get rid of it. Go to finder and find the locate and delete it from there. Finally its never coming back.

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