Problems with backdrop stack

Hi! I’m fairly new to writing websites, new to Rapidweaver, new to Foundry and new to the Potion pack… and this is my first post in the forum. I’ve come to it through trying to create a couple of sites for my wife’s new business and her sister’s business - so very definitely amateur level!

Tonight I’ve been trying to add some Facebook comments/reviews to a page over the top of a simple backdrop. I’ve been using the code from this page which involves putting some javascript in the body and then some HTML for each post which I’ve been dropping into HTML stacks.

Anyway, the main problems that were immediately noticeable were that on a simple publish, I got the comments but without the backdrop. After republishing all files, I got the backdrop, but my Typeface fonts didn’t load, the badge box badges got cut off and the drop down nav bar wouldn’t work on an iPhone. After initially assuming it was the Facebook code and trying all sorts of different combinations, I eventually troubleshot it to the backdrop and it all seems to work fine now having put them Jumbotron stack!

I’m not expecting a solution, but just thought I should raise an awareness that there was an issue. I saw that someone else had a problem with backdrop which resolved after they reinstalled it, but I only bought and installed the potion pack a couple of days ago.


Hi there @avquack, and welcome to the forum!

If you’d like to send me a copy of the project file, as it was setup with the Backdrop stack and not working, I would like to take a look at it to see what might be going on in your project file. You can send a ZIP file that includes your project file to me via a direct message here on the forum or by email (if you need the address let me know). If the project file is big though be sure to send it via DropBox or a similar service. Let me know the page I need to be looking at within the project file as well and I will take a look when I’m back in the office tomorrow.