Problems with Hero Banner after update

I have disabled Hero Banner on mobile, but the Scroll Down Button still appears.

The Disable Hero on Mobile feature has never hidden the scroll down button. The stack has never contained the code to do so. The checkbox simply prevents the Banner from showing at the full height of the browser window. The Scroll Down button remains. You’d need to account for this by adding some margin to the bottom of your content at the mobile breakpoint using the Margins stack to make the Scroll Down button accessible to your visitors.

I set Button Offset to -70 for mobile, and then it was gone.

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Did not work :unamused:

When I set Button Offset to -70 for mobile, Scroll Down Button for Tablet and Desktop also disappeared.

Skjermbilde 2021-08-05 kl. 20.31.58

Looks like a bug. I’ll check it out for the next update.


Just an update to say I haven’t forgotten about this, I’ve just had some IRL things crop up, but will get it out ASAP.