Problems With Mega Menu

Help! I’m having a major issue with Mega Menu on a site I’m building for a client.

First, any content between the header and the footer disappeared on Chrome and Opera browsers (but reappeared if the browser size was tablet of mobile width). I established that if I deleted the Mega Menu stack everything worked fine (although I had no menu!).

I’ve then redone my Mega Menu from scratch and everything displays on the page, but most of the links aren’t working - even though they are set).

The problem only started today - it was working perfectly. I made no changes to the Mega Menu stack. The Mega Menu is part of a partial. The same occurs on every page the partial is used.

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve very little hair left at the moment!

Many thanks.

We’ll need a project file to be able to assist with this. If you’d like to send that to me specifically, use WeTransfer or a similar service and email it to me. Point me to the page you’d like me to troubleshoot.

Thanks Adam. As the site takes about 15 minutes to upload on my 50MB/s upload it may be a little large to send over.

In the end I’ve just removed the offending Mega Menu stack and replaced it with another one that works fine.

I guess the original just got corrupted somewhere.

Interestingly, when I placed the partial on a ‘test’ page and unpacked it - it worked fine. Just not as part of a partial. :man_shrugging:t2:

Whatever works for you. If it is a problem with the stack I’d like to get it taken care of.

Can you recreate the problem on a new, one page simple project that would be much smaller than your current project? If so that would be helpful.

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I’m curious how this project has been coming along. I was hoping to use Mega Menu at some point. Is it still not working on some browsers? I haven’t picked out a menu style yet but plan to do so in the next week or so.

I received no project file to troubleshoot. That said, I’ve had no other reports of problems and it continues to work fine here. Try it out for yourself. Just takes a few minutes to put it on a page and give it a go instead of needing to worry about someone else’s project. :wink:

If it only takes a few minutes that is workable. I was reading on another thread where someone was doing a bit of coding with the stack but maybe they were trying to do more then just get the basic menu functionality working. The best way to obtain it is a part of the Thunder Pack?

You don’t need to hand code anything with Foundry. If you want to write your own code to do something, that is up to you, but you do not need to code anything to use any of the Foundry based stacks.

Mega Menu is a part of the Potion Pack, as outlined on the Foundry site. All add-ons for Foundry that I produce are linked on the Foundry site on the add-ons page.

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Great! I think I’ll pick that up then.