Problems with Site logo and Nav Overlay stack conflicting Z index

At the top of the page you’ll see the site logo on the left, and the launcher for the nav overlay on the right. I have got them to overlay each other by using the Overlay stack. The problem is, one is literally overlaying the other: At present the logo over lays the nav. The upshot is the nav overlay can’t be clicked until the page scrolls.

I’ve tried putting them in a two column stack, but they’re still overlaying each other.

Anyone any ideas on a solution?

Did you fix it? I’m able to click the nav with the page fully scrolled to the top. (Both on Firefox and Chrome on a windows comp).

Sorry, no, not fixed, I just switched which layer was on top. I shufted the nav to the top, so I nav the site!

Update: It’s not the site logo and the nav stack getting in each others way, it’s the Section Pro stacks below.

Actually, it’s a mixture of a lot of things!

The solution is to increase the Z-Index of the Nav Overlay stack launcher. What’s the best way to do this @elixirgraphics

EDIT: Tried cssbox, no dice. It’s like Nav Overlay refuses to rise about z-index-0, or maybe 1.

If you want to see the problem…

Scroll down and watch the nav overlay as it passes the chevron panel at the bottom of each section. It passes behind it. The z index of the chevron panel is set to 1, if I lower it to 0 it falls behind other elements. I just need to be ablet to increase the z index of the nav overlay.

Z-indexes are not only about the z-index value, but also how they’re grouped and placed within the document.

As for using another stack to modify the Navigation Overlay’s toggle – this will likely not work. The Navigation Overlay toggle is taken out of the main Navigation Overlay stack container and placed at the beginning of the document to ensure its proper placement. I’m not familiar with the stack you’re using to modify the navigation toggle, but I would not recommend using such a stack for this purpose.

Currently your site looks like this, so I suspect you’ve got some other stuff going on unrelated:

Not at all sure why you’re seeing that, it looks like the attached image in Chrome and Safari.

Essentially though I need to increase the z index of the nav overlay. Can this be done?

Solved. Found a workaround.