Problems with Table Stack

Something strange happens to the table during preview and after publishing. The columns do not have the same width.
Proposed solution?

Tried Table (CSV), but it does not work at all.

It’s really hard to help from a screenshot. I just added a table to a test page and typed in your headers and the first two rows and the columns are equal in Preview.

Do you have link to a live page showing the issue? Can you copy that single page to a new project and compress (zip) it and post a link here so we can see exactly what’s going on?

Demofile: (178.7 KB)

You’re using some stacks that I don’t have. They appear as “Stack Missing” in edit mode. In Preview mode, your columns are equal.

My guess is that one of those third-party stacks is causing the alignment issue. Start by deleting all of those other stacks until you find the culprit.