Projects for Foundry

Am just wondering if there are any new ‘projects’ in the pipeline. Suppose I am asking @egomade and @webdeersign. But if there is anyone else looking to put anything forward?? I would like to say both these developers have helped me to learn the ins and out of Foundry (which I am loving, and using 100% going forward!!)
Thank you to all…


I’m with you on this one and I am looking forward to their latest creations:)

Yes I am working on one now actually and I’m aiming to have it ready in a week or so. I have been pretty tied up with making existing customer web sites GDPR compliant which turned out to be far more time consuming than it should have been. It will of course be a Foundry project. When it’s real I will post here first.


sounds promising! would love to see project files with TCMS blog integration, those are very rare.
I am not very experienced with TCMS blogs, but I would definitely love to have a blog within a foundry project.

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AWESOME ! Can’t wait to see what you churn out. I really appreciate all of your efforts for this RW Community:)

Just wondering if any more Foundry projectrs are in the pipeline, especially with a few new things on the horizon
especially @webdeersign and @egomade ???

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I will always make Foundry projects. What has been holding me back a bit is also making the Foundation versions which always takes longer and I am at the point where I will probably just make Foundry projects - IMHO Foundation has dropped behind Foundry in terms of new stacks and you rarely need to go outside Foundry to create a slick looking site that looks like it was built in 2018. I am working on a design that would make a great project right now but need to decide on a few things before making it into a project. If this one doesn’t make it I will create another one hopefully before the end of the month.

Cheers, Gary


Hi gary
thanks…excited to see what you come up with…
I am very much in the Foundry camp too although have Foundation, just never really got to grips with it (old age!!). The projects that have been released have really helped me through the process of learning how to use Foundry, so thanks again to you and @egomade!!
Agree with you about @elixirgraphics moving forward with Foundry and excited to see the new things.

While on the topic of Foundry Projects, what are the type of Projects that Foundry users would like to see? I am always very keen to get feedback on this.

The ones like DuckSoup from

But we would need some stacks from Foundry like the BWD ones, just in a simplified version (not so many bells and whistles but easier to use)… mainly the animations.


For me I am grateful for any projects that highlight the workings of the Foundry and Potion Pack stacks.
Second @Fuellemann about the BWD stacks, they are awesome but I find them a bit confusing!! However incorporating them in projects has helped me to learn a bit!!
I do websites just for fun to help friends and enjoy learning how to use all the elements.
However projects that could be used for people who are tradesmen…so sometimes simple is better for these guys. Also sites for charities…
Not sure if those ideas are any use??
Looking forward to anything!!

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@Fuellemann Interesting. Rapidweaver Central has done a great job on the the Duck Soup projects and they showcase some of what the amazing BWD stacks can do. You may be able to use them in Foundry as they are and perhaps RC could create a Foundry or blank theme version - no harm in asking.

My first Project1 and Template1 released almost 3 years ago, used many similar ideas but over time it has need a lot of updating as newer versions of stack have made previous versions legacy versions.

I have tried to make my projects more and more simple as time goes on and this is what I see as a big benefit of Foundry because many of the Wow design elements are already present in Foundry and Potion Pack. I am also trying hard to make Projects perform quicker in RW during Edit, Preview and Publish so simplicity and speed have become my main drivers both in Project creation and also my main web site creation and freelance business.


@Wendyb Thanks. I will give your ideas some thought.