Publish page does not work

Hi! normally there is no issue in publishing my page but now I have the problem, that I can not publish the changes I made… I tried several times, also with “Publishing all files” over several days and it always says: publishing complete. But if visiting the website it does still show the old one. where could the error be?

Please share the URL to the page that you’re having a problem with. It is difficult to troubleshoot something we cannot see unfortunately. Also, please share a screenshot from RapidWeaver’s Preview Mode of what you’re expecting to see on the live site and point out the differences for us.

If Publishing completes successfully, it’s worth checking to make sure you haven’t got both index.html and index.php in the same folder.

Browsers will prioritise index.html, so if you’ve added stacks which necessitate PHP, you won’t see your updates until index.html is deleted - you can do this with an FTP client.