Publishing problem

I am building a site in Foundry - when I went to publish, all seemed good - and then I got the message, “there is no application set to open the URL.” I have no idea what this means. I have never gotten this message before. When I look at my hostgator site, the files are incredibly small, the largest being 4 kb. Clearly something has gone sideways. Any ideas? The extension of the site is .golf if that makes a difference - when you put in the URL, you get a completely blank page. Thanks for your help!

Sounds like a publishing problem. Have you checked and double-checked your publishing setup against what your host’s instructions? If everything with your publishing credentials and publishing path matches that of your host’s instructions then perhaps give the Republish All Files feature a go, which can be found inside of RapidWeaver’s File menu.

Thanks for the help. When I did the “test connection”, all seemed fine. RW went through all the steps of uploading. I have never gotten the message, “there is no application set to open the url.” What does this mean? Meanwhile, I am publishing to a different URL I own in case it’s a URL problem/

Do you receive this message in RapidWeaver or inside your browser when navigating to your site?

It just kind of popped up on the screen. I switched to a non “golf” url and it seemed ok. Very mysterious! Thanks for your help.

Sorry guess I wasn’t clear – did it pop up when you were visiting your page in your web browser on your published site, or when you were in RW? Just trying to determine whether you need to talk to your host or Realmac Software.