Question about Alloy search

also when using the search in the blog page, the youtube video overflow and out of proportion even though overflow option is being turned off

This was posted in a thread about a completely different topic, so I’ve split if off into its own thread. @memorgan77 When you have a different topic to discuss, please make a separate thread. It is the best way to get your question answered, and also allows others in the future to benefit from those answers.

As for your question:

I’m not quite sure I follow. Do you have an example you can show us?

Are you referring to this post?

If so you should not be placing YouTube video embeds within the summary area of a post. Alloy uses automatic truncation for creating summaries and this can lead to the embed code getting truncated mid-embed, which will cause problems. Either place the embed outside of the truncation range on the post, or use Custom Summaries (see Alloy Editor settings) and create a Custom Summary for posts that will omit the embed.

Ah right! now I know why the overflow, I’m getting better with the alloy slowly, hopefully I will be fine, thanks for your support :slightly_smiling_face: