Question about the Summary Length for the Recent Posts Stack

Is it possible that the Summary Length in the “Recent Posts Stack” does not work?

I wanted to change the Summary Length from the default 350 characters to only 10 characters. But nothing changes… I also have the same problem with two other blogs.

ideas what the problem could be?

thanks and regards,

Are you using Custom Summaries or Alloy generated summaries?

Also, in the future, please categorize your forum posts. I’ve update your post for you.

yes, the first one… i use the custom summaries from the alloy blog.

please do not say that it does not work this way…

Custom Summaries are always displayed in full. The point of the Custom Summary is that you input exactly what you want to see. Alloy does not truncate Custom Summaries because of this. Sorry.

Hey @Pegasus this is unrelated to your actual question, but can I ask how you have managed to get different border colours on your stacks when in edit mode?! This would be super useful for identifying stacks when they’re heavily nested in edit mode for me!
Thanks in advance!

yes, of course. this is one of my favorite features in foundry and really helpful

you can create this pretty simple with the “group stack”

regards from berlin,


Incredible! It was there the whole time and I never knew!!

Thanks so much for going to the trouble of not only replying… but with an annotated diagram :slight_smile:

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